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This quiz is based on an understanding of many key studies in the field. Following the Quiz you can add up your points and use the scale to see how you are doing. You should take the scores seriously, but realize that there is a lot that the quiz doesn't take into account about your relationship, such as about commitment, trust, friendship, and so forth. While these questions are based on studies that assess such things as the likelihood of a marriage working out, we would hate for any one person to take this and assume the worst about their future. Rather, we believe that the quiz can motivate high and medium- high scoring couples to take a serious look at where their marriage is heading--and take steps to turn negative patterns around for the better.

Please answer each of the following questions to see how you are doing.

We recommend that you answer these questions by yourself and not share scores with your partner.

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Use the following 3 point scale to rate how often you and your mate or partner experience the following:

Little arguments escalate into ugly fights with accusations, criticisms, name calling, or bringing up past hurts.
My partner criticizes or belittles my opinions, feelings, or desires.
My partner seems to view my words or actions more negatively than I mean them to be.
When we have a problem to solve, it is like we are on opposite teams.
I hold back from telling my partner what I really think and feel.
I feel lonely in this relationship.
When we argue, one of us withdraws, that is, doesn't want to talk about it anymore; or leaves the scene.

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