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Couples Retreat Frequently Asked Questions


What books has Dr. Markman written that would describe his approach to relationships?
12 Hours to A Great Marriage and Fighting For Your Marriage.


How many couples attend each workshop?
While the number of couples will vary, the workshops will typically have 8 - 15 couples with a maximum of 20.


Do we have to stay overnight at the hotel?
While we recommend staying overnight at the hotel to enhance your experience, couples have the option to register for the workshop only.


Will we have to openly share anything with the other couples?
No, this is a class where you will try out new skills with your partner and have the opportunity to have a coach help you practice.


Can I come without my partner?
The couples retreats are only for couples; however we plan to be offering weekends for singles in the near future.


Can we come to the retreat if we are not married?
Absolutely. We welcome people who have just met, to couples that have been married for 50 years and everyone in between.


We have a happy relationship and want to stay that way. Is this workshop for us.
We welcome couples who have the insight to realize everyone needs to learn relationship skills and even better to do this early and prevent problems from developing in the first place.


We are having relationship problems and even thinking about divorce. Is this weekend for us?
Yes, we offer the skills and principles to help you safely talk through problems and the opportunity for you to reawaken lost intimacy so that you can make a start in turning things around.


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Love Your Relationship offers nationally-recognized couples retreats, marriage and relationship counseling and marriage workshops led by eminent marriage and relationship researcher and author Dr. Howard Markman

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