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Dr. Howard Markman Awards & Honors:

  • Fellow of the American Psychological Association and of the APA Division of Family Psychology
  • University of Denver, John Evans Professor, 2012
  • University of Denver Distinguished Scholar Award, 2007
  • Colorado Book Award, 2002
  • Distinguished Service Research Award from Smart Marriages Association for Innovative Dissemination Research, 2001
  • E. Ellis Graham Award for Distinguished Service to Psychology, Colorado Psychological Association
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Couples Retreat Pictures & Itinerary - Funfest


Here are several examples of how couples spent the evening after the first workshop day.  Their homework was to have a fun date and to protect this time from dealing with relationship issues.


Click Here to view photos of a few of our couples and activities from our first Love Your Relationship weekend workshop (February, 2006).


Couple 1
Our evening venture began with a car trip to the west of Boulder to an over look of the city. There were pictures there that showed what the view looked like a hundred and forty million years ago, and one hundred years ago. We watched as it grew dark and lights popped on and began to twinkle. We had dinner at a unique restaurant called the Sunflower. Afterward we walked the mall and gained a flavor of Boulder. We returned to St. Julian and exchanged gifts, and then we shared a bottle of wine in the bathtub. The rest of the evening was wonderful. We awoke to a beautiful sunrise, which we viewed from our bed.


Couple 2
We exchanged our gifts while enjoying a nice bottle of cabernet and steaks at the Boulder Chop House.   We renewed our commitments to our marriage.   My husband was so excited about going back to our room to celebrate; he “accidentally” followed me into the ladies restroom! Very embarrassing! Since we never get any sleep (we have a new baby!) Sleeping through the night after splitting an ambient pill! We woke up eight hours later, very rested.

Couple 3
First we walked the Pearl Street mall so each one could pick out a special gift for the other to remind us of our wonderful weekend. We then came back to the hotel to dress for dinner. We dined at the Flagstaff House which is up on the mountain with incredible views of the city. We went to Barnes and Nobles and picked out poetry books together. We then came back to the hotel and gave each other our “homework” gifts (gifts we brought to the workshop to exchange). After that my husband read my poetry while taking a bubble bath by candle light (thanks for the nice gifts, Howard and Marcie!!)   What happened next (X-rated) made it just the perfect date!

Couple 4
We started by giving each other a gift, then soaked in whirlpool, and then in our tub in the room (two people do fit!!) for  foreplay, then we made love (although interrupted by hotel staff when they delivered the gifts of chocolate and candies from Marcie & Howard) but this just added to the excitement, then ate at the counter of a Pearl Street Diner (eggplant sandwiches), then had 1 ½ hours of Lindy Hop lessons at the Pearl Street Swing and blues Studio and then 2 hours of East Coast Swing and fox trot dancing, then had a Martini’s and shrimp, and a much needed shoulder massage (to repair Lindy Hop Dance) and finally,  UN- INTERRUPTED love making


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