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Relationship Coaching

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Dr. Howard Markman Awards & Honors:

  • Fellow of the American Psychological Association and of the APA Division of Family Psychology
  • University of Denver, John Evans Professor, 2012
  • University of Denver Distinguished Scholar Award, 2007
  • Colorado Book Award, 2002
  • Distinguished Service Research Award from Smart Marriages Association for Innovative Dissemination Research, 2001
  • E. Ellis Graham Award for Distinguished Service to Psychology, Colorado Psychological Association
American Psychological Association!

Denver University Psychology Department

Colorado Psychological Association
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Marriage and Relationship Coaching Services


Are you having relationship issues and not sure how to solve them?

Are you considering divorce as a serious option?

Is it hard for the two of you to find time to meet with a counselor?

Are you more motivated than your partner to work on your relationship?

Have you lost the affection and love in your relationship?

We can help you with all of this and more.

Using the PREP approach to relationship coaching we work with YOU as an individual, yet, the benefits accrue to you and your relationship. Using PREP and Love Your Relationship (LYR) approaches to couples relationship education, we fuse a skills based method with personalized attention to your individual situation. The goal is to incorporate the skills learned in phone coaching therapy to improve the quality of your relationship.
For more detailed information about our relatinoship coaching services, please visit our Relationship Coaching website.

You should consider hiring a relationship coach when:

1. You need a trained relationship professional to talk to

2. You need to consider economics and convenience in seeking out therapy

3. You want to enhance or save your marriage

4. You feel like you cycle through the same arguments again and again.

5. You have tried therapy, but are not moving forward in your relationship

6. You want the privacy, familiarity and convenience of your own surroundings

What are some of the differences between therapy and relationship coaching?

During therapy you often work on the past and why things are the way they are. You, or both of you, are seen by a licensed professional and often the goal is to work through really serious relationship issues (including addictions, aggression, and infidelity).

However, there are often major barriers in going to therapy. Many relationships can benefit from receiving relationship coaching facilitated by a trained professional. Our approach to coaching is based on the internationally known PREP program and our LYR workshops. If you choose relationship coaching, we will assess your problems and work with you to clarify your goals, make an action plan and move forward. We can teach you skills and give you tools to help you find a path to a more rewarding relationship. You will have homework after every session and we will evaluate progress on an ongoing basis.

Relationship Coaching Options:

1. We offer 25 minute and 55 minute telephone appointments. You can book one or order a package of three.

2. We schedule appointments daytime, evening or for your convenience weekend hours are available too.

Relationship Coaching Pricing:

  • 25 minute sessions - $45
  • 55 minute sessions - $80
  • Three 55 minute sessions $200

You can use your Visa or MasterCard at the time of your service.

I am ready to talk to a coach or to set up an appointment!

1. Call now! (between the hours of 8am and 8pm MST)

2. Call 303-482-RLUV (7588) if you live in Denver. International callers should use this number too.

3. Call 1-866-601-LOVE (5683) if you live outside of Denver in the United States or Canada

4. Email us at

Visit our Relationship Coaching website


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